The Last Ten Years !

Start as you aim to go on:

3 Friends wanted to go target shooting safely, so the search began for a place. Trevor Collins who is our generous sponsor, Ronald Hovell who just wanted to share his hobby of 20 years, and Philip Jones a farmer who found shooting at targets  as much fun as shooting rabbits. The first practice area was in the loft of  the flat  of one of them, only to see if they really like it.

Then they found a hall in a school on a 1 night a week bases , as a club, it was very interesting how the no. of members increased . We are now 22 members (most of which are disables)

Then they found a basement  in the Pennar church hall, where they had to dig out the rabble (two skips full) to make it usable, and insurable, the able-bodied members were so committed, you could not stop them.  Renting is quite expensive where ever you go if you are a small club.   Our dream is one day we’ll find a sponsor to donate a small area for us to welcome all able and disabled to enjoy target shooting together.

If anyone can see the joy and the achievement of each individual  (especially the disabled members); the determination they show, and the commitments they give their target shooting sport, one would want to be happy for them.